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Professional Acting Development

We work with production houses and individual actors to develop actors for stage, television and film productions.

Vanidah Imran & Moone

Image: Working on TV production "Arka"

Picture courtesy of Persona Pictures

Are you an actor or director who wants to improve the acting quality of your production?  

Catered to your individual needs and required expertise, we create tailor-made acting coaching and drama classes for your production.  Whether you are an actor who has worked in the professional field and need help with script, dialogue, character development or a director working with a cast, our professional training for actors might be just what you are looking for.

We can work on a full project or on a scene to scene basis to enhance the skills you need.

  • Assistance in mastering English language scripts

  • Character development

  • Scene rehearsal and breakdown

  • Understanding character motivation and objectives

  • Developing emotional depth and expression

  • Developing character relationships and specific dialogue intensity

  • Effective workshop and rehearsal techniques 

Acting training
Silat training for TV
TV martial arts for actors

Images: Working on TV production "Arka"

Pictures courtesy of Persona Pictures

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