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Professional Development for Writers

As part of our drama classes and arts workshops, we provide tailor-made one-on-one training for authors who wish to train in vocal techniques for their audio book.

  • You can be anywhere in the world if you have a computer, laptop or smartphone & internet

  • We work with your unique vocal style, maintaining your best qualities and enhancing the rest for your best reading voice

  • We help you deliver authentic vocal expression, pace and pitch for your listeners

  • We guide you through breathing and vocal exercises which help calm nerves that you may practice in the privacy of your own home

For potential screenplay writers, we offer script advice and development guidance.

  • Help with breaking down your storyline to a screenplay format

  • Help developing depth in your characters

  • Guidance on script development through each rewrite

  • Support in supplying space and actors for a script reading session 

Writing Workshop 1.jpg

Writing Workshop at Sunway Velocity Mall

Writing Workshop 2.jpg

Writing Workshop at Five Arts Centre

Writing Workshop 3.jpg

Writing Workshop for Mapfest at Publika

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