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Artiste Training in Traditional Martial Arts

Are you an artiste on TV, stage or film who wishes to learn or improve their knowledge of traditional martial arts?

As part of our arts classes, we provide martial arts training in seni silat, silat combat, horseback archery and Asian street fighting styles to suit your performance requirements.

Silat combat teaches the art of defence in fighting in all types of stances and situations.  The forms practiced bear the "fruit" of the art whether in empty-handed combat or by employing the use of traditional weapons on stage, TV or film.  Fitness levels and agility are enhanced to create interesting performance fighting styles for modern and traditional characters.

Seni Silat is a martial art discipline from Malaysia and Indonesia.  The seni completes the combat movements and the style with a flowing, "flowery" finish, enabling character performance and grace.

Traditional Asian short bow archery is devised for speed and agility on horseback.  Ancient warrior action genres in TV and film may require this noble art for aesthetic purposes and characters which are true to form. 

Traditional Horseback archery training

Image: Teacher, Amina with Cikgu Jaz from Silat Gayong

Keris training.jpg

Image: Cikgu Jaz with a keris

Image: Teacher, Anita Ibrahim Woo (photograph: Glen Percy)

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