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Meet Our Team!

The Big Wig

Amina Jindani (Company Director)













Amina studied acting, creative writing and directing in London at the Royal Court Young Peoples’ Theatre. Since 1991, Amina has explored Malaysian theatre, film and television as an actress, presenter, producer, director, writer & performance educator for all ages, including trainee teachers undertaking teaching diplomas and professional teachers in Malaysian schools. 


Amina has been a teacher in the subject of Speech & Drama for over 25 years, in both the Public and Private sectors; a Head of Department at an international school, managing teachers of Art, Music and Drama (ranging from Pre-school to Secondary), and a Head of House; as well as a teacher for Trinity College London examinations with many successful candidates. She is an adjudicator for the annual Singapore Performing Arts Festival for the Performance Arts and Creative Writing categories.


Her students grow into creatively competent adults who progress towards representing Malaysia on many fronts around the world, giving speeches at international conferences; working on television, stage and film; winning awards at creative writing, public speaking and the arts; as well as possessing inspiring, creative skills that further enhance their goals as young professionals in all types of careers. 

She holds a Licentiate in Teaching Speech and Drama (Distinction) with Trinity College London and is certified and trained as professional teacher of Cambridge IGCSE Drama.


Wau Bulan poem - Celine's Salon, The Anthology, Volume 1; Wordville, 2021


Award of Excellence for L.T.C.L Teaching from Trinity College London (2017)

Malaysian Winner  - Script to Screen feature film pitch competition - Motion Picture Association, Asia Pacific (2019)

Nominee - Best Stage Play from Script Awards Los Angeles, USA (May 2023)

Exceptional Achievement - Best Writer from Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival - UK (Spring 2023)

Winner - Best Podcast Stories from Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival - UK (May / June 2023)

Winner - Best Stage Play / Drama from Stingray International Film Festival - Paris, France (June 2023)

Finalist - Best Writer from Stingray International Film Festival  - Paris, France (June 2023)

Winner - Best Poster from Critics' Choice International Film Festival (June 2023)

Finalist - Best Script / Screenplay from Critics' Choice International Film Festival (June 2023)

Winner - Best Podcast (script) from 8 & Halffilm Awards - Rome, Italy (July 2023)

Winner - Best Feature Script from Elegant International Film Festival - Kolkata, India (August 2023)

Winner - Best Podcast (script) from 8 & Halfilm Awards - Rome, Italy (August 2023)

Winner - Best Audio Drama (script) from Swedish International Film Festival, Arvika, Sweden (August 2023)

Winner - Best Audio Drama (script) FilmNest International Film Festival - India (September 2023)

Winner - Best Drama Script Humro Cinema Film Fest - Pokhra, Nepal (October 2023)

Winner - Beyond L.A.(script) L.A Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Online Festival, Los Angeles, USA (November 2023)

Finalist - Best Script (unproduced) Vesuvius International Film Festival - Campania, Italy (November 2023)

Gold Award Winner - Best Feature Script from New York Movie Awards, New York, USA (November 2023)

Winner - Best Script - Cineplay International Film Festival (November 2023)

Silver Award Winner (with co-writer Gavin Yap) Best Feature Script from London Movie Awards, UK (May 2024)

Official Selection:

Paris Film Awards (September 2023)

The Top Hat

Husna Mokhtar (Company Director)

Husna is an educator for school children, focusing on tuition of core subjects and drama games and activities.  She has also accumulated extensive experience in production management for events, music concerts and theatre.  She has conducted teacher training workshops where she is proficient in training English teachers for the top schools in Malaysia. 

Husna serves Mo One Drama as content advisor for workshops, classes, teacher training and productions as well as checking the expenses and balances on a regular basis.

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