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Intermediate Grades 4-5 for Ages 12-15

At Grades 4-5 learners are taught to produce a performance which demonstrates a personal and imaginative interpretation in which there is reasonably consistent application of developing technical skills.  They are learning to perform in an audible and clear manner with appropriate articulation (e.g. volume, pitch, pace, rhythm, style, dynamics) leading to a secure, accurate and sustained performance which always conveys a sense of spontaneity. The learners should be able to support intentions in performance by demonstrating a sound understanding of material.  The learners also develop clear evidence of sensitivity to and considerable control of the material, which is grounded in effective preparation.  They learn to communicate shades of meaning and contrasts, for example of characterisation and mood, and can combine the use of voice, body and space effectively to enhance meaning and interpretation and to engage the audience.

About The Teacher: Amina Jindani

Former Head of Department at an International School, Amina has nurtured the academic as well as the practical skills of many learners from different backgrounds. She studied acting, creative writing and directing in London and has taken her experience and love of performing arts wherever she goes. Since arriving to Malaysia in 1991, Amina has explored Malaysian theatre, film and television as an actress, presenter, producer, director, writer & performance educator for all ages, including trainee teachers undertaking teaching diplomas and professional teachers in Malaysian schools. Amina first opened classes for children and has been a teacher in the subject of Speech & Drama for over 25 years, in both the Public and Private sectors. She consistently expands and develops her knowledge in Drama Education.


In an effort to enhance Malaysian children’s knowledge of Speech & Drama and to be a part of raising the creativity and confidence of children and young adults, Amina has opened classes for a wide range of Malaysians.


Her students grow into creatively competent adults who progress towards representing Malaysia on many fronts around the world, giving speeches at international conferences; working on television, stage and film; winning awards at creative writing, public speaking and the arts; as well as possessing inspiring, creative skills that further enhance their goals as young professionals in all types of careers. Many of her students gain fantastic results with their examinations.


Quality Assurance



• Licentiate in Teaching Speech and Drama (Distinction) with Trinity College London

• Certified and trained as professional teacher of Cambridge IGCSE Drama



Award of Excellence from Trinity College London (2017)

Intermediate Grades Drama
Drama Grades 4 & 5
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