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We Serve The Most Wholesome Drama Classes Around.

MoOne Drama students, pictured above, recently entered their Trinity College London exams, and received amazing marks! MoOne Drama not only educates, but offers a sanctuary for students to immerse themselves in learning drama at their own unique paces of learning. Each student is unique, and so too are our courses. 


If you are a school and would like MoOne Drama to conduct drama classes for ECA / CCA or for special programmes, don't hesitate to contact us.  We can deliver a tailor-made programme to suit your needs.  

Speech & Drama Classes with Trinity College London

Foundation Grades 1-3 for ages 7-12

At Grades 1-3 learners are taught to produce a performance which demonstrates understanding and thoughtful interpretation with a free and fluent delivery.  They are learning a sense of spontaneity, and conscious awareness of audience, sustaining these qualities to the end. 

Intermediate Grades 4-5 for ages 12-15

At Grades 4-5 learners are taught to produce a performance which demonstrates a personal and imaginative interpretation in which there is reasonably consistent application of developing technical skills.  They are learning to perform in an audible and clear manner with appropriate articulation leading to a secure, accurate and sustained performance which always conveys a sense of spontaneity.

Advanced Grades 6-8 for ages 15+

At Grades 6-8 learners are taught to perform with confidence, clarity and a sense of ownership of the material.  They are learning to consciously integrate knowledge, understanding and skills in a secure and sustained performance. The learners should be able to demonstrate mature understanding of the material with authority and control through thorough and relevant preparation. 

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Applying Chakra Technique for theatre and film
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