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Training & Development

At MoOne Drama, we can offer professional training workshops for actors, artistes, writers & educators in a variety of ways.  We encourage professional development utilising our unique methods to enhance creative thinking, effective planning, as well as through teaching practical skills.

Teacher Training & Professional Development

MoOne Drama can bring unique training development for your teachers in the fields of creativity, planning, thinking outside the box, drama and English Literature development.

Teacher Training.jpg

Image courtesy of Sayfol International School

Professional Development for Actors

Are you an actor or director who wants to improve the acting quality of your production?  

Catered to your individual needs and required expertise, we create tailor-made acting coaching for your production whether it's for stage, TV or film. 

Actor Training

Image courtesy of Pesona Pictures

Professional Development for Writers & Authors

We provide tailor-made one-on-one training for authors who wish to train in vocal techniques for their audio book.

For potential screenplay writers, we offer script advice and development guidance.

Script writing workshop

Image: Writing workshop at Visionworks

Artiste Training in Traditional Martial Arts

Are you an artiste on TV, stage or film who wishes to learn or improve their knowledge of traditional martial arts?

We provide martial arts training in seni silat, silat combat, horseback archery and Asian street fighting styles to suit your performance requirements.

Horseback Archery Training

Image: Teacher, Pak Din (photograph: Choon Sik Park)

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