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Who We Are & What We Do

MoOne Drama is focused on all types of Drama Education with a fresh perspective for the education community.  We supply drama learning through courses, classes, workshops and theatrical experience which includes both practical and analytical study.  We embrace the nostalgia of learning with passion and invite teachers, coaches, facilitators, freelancers, lecturers and professors who either wish to offer one-off workshops or full-length courses of learning that will profoundly benefit the arts community.

We attract customers by our affiliations, successes in education, and by our fresh outlook.  In the same way vibrant eateries bring ambience, style and atmosphere to their business, we do not simply offer a menu of classes and a price list - we create a favourite hub for what we offer through our image, reputation, cultural realism and broad knowledge of the arts enabling a fusion of tastes to suit our clients' needs and expectations, whether that be conventional study or learning through project-based experimental arts. 

MoOne Drama is not a centre to go to be educated at but a place to feel a sense of belonging and to immerse oneself in exploring drama and the arts at one’s own pace of learning.





MoOne Drama sees the potential to bring back passion to learning, to share the nostalgia of being engrossed in literature, creative writing and to discover the potential within each of us through drama and the arts. 


Our vision is to expand the awareness of how the subject of drama is the best tool for learning critical thinking skills, team-building abilities and self-empowerment through effective communication.  We believe that drama teaches self-discipline and self-awareness as well as fostering community understanding and cross-community understanding.  We achieve this vision through the marketing of courses, social projects & performances which reflect the quality of teaching and understanding.


We help collaborators find one another, engage in the sharing of knowledge and who are passionate to develop the local arts culture.



We are deeply committed to teaching, learning and discovering through performing arts and offer high quality education in the subjects of Drama, Speech and Drama, Theatre Studies, Traditional Arts, Film Studies, Audio Drama and other related arts.  The range of education levels are from pre-school until professional (Acting, Design, Directing, Script Writing and Teaching) and are offered through various means to suit all types of clients.

We fill the gap that schools, teachers, lecturers, education officials and HR personnel have highlighted as a requirement and by enriching the education environment with capable teachers, students and graduates in drama subjects at every level.  We identify the under-represented in the arts and reach out to their needs.

MoOne Drama serves the choicest, tastiest most wholesome drama classes around.

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