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We were fortunate enough to have Amina come along and run a training session with our teachers. Our teachers left thinking about how they could apply creativity to their classrooms from the exercises we completed. I'd highly recommend getting Amina in for staff training, all of our staff we engaged and we even went over time, but because they were so engaged they just kept going! Thanks Amina for a great session.

Ms Michelle Jane - School Principal

Attended Amina’s capacity building for educators. It was very productive and effective class I’ve attended so far. Amina has enlightened me in different aspects of being an educator. Thank you so much Amina! Highly recommended!

Chang Chanci - Teacher

I had the privilege of attending 3 Capacity Building programs for Educators, hosted by Amina, and quite frankly, I didn't know what to expect before attending the first one. But an hour into the first session, I found myself enjoying the program so much and the time just flew by after that. It was the same for the next 2 sessions and I'm very happy with what I have learned. It was truly an eye opening experience, and I had the opportunity to learn more about myself as an educator, and also what others faced in their own respective fields. Definitely recommending this program to all the educators out there who wants to be passionate about their work. Five thumbs up!

Douglas Labadin - Teacher

I attended two amazing workshops yesterday. One was on pitching a project idea with confidence and the second one was on how to write the beginning of a film script that hooks the audience. The first one took me out of my comfort zone - I learned that being self aware and mindful contributes a lot to pitching a great idea. The second workshop was all about how creative ideas can amalgamate into great stories. A definite recommendation for arts and literature enthusiasts and people who are open to learning something new. Thank you Amina

Rabia Abubakar - Participant

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